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Risk assessment and safety for businesses that care
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Are you struggling to keep up with health and safety regulations?

 If you think that Health & Safety is a bit of a joke and the endless stream of legislation is suffocating your business – you can do things differently and not only keep your employees safe but also in a way that saves your organisation time and money.

Risk and Safety Plus enables organisations that care about the safety and well being of their staff to proactively manage their risk and safety obligations in a way that supports their business.

As a company, Risk and Safety Plus specialises in the property development and
construction sectors where the risks are acute and the environment is an important consideration when keeping people safe. This includes fire because it is often treated separately and inadequately. Yet fire can often be the most significant and devastating of all
the risks.

On this website you’ll get access to:

  • Consultancy, services and training for ‘fire and safety‘ – from the basics right up to highly specialised fire engineering.  Fire is a killer – make sure you’re protected, but not wrapped in cotton wool! Riskandsafetyplus can do a ‘fire risk assessment’ anywhere in the UK
  • Environmental safety protects people, property and the planet – it doesn’t have to be tedious, Risk and Safety Plus can show you the best way to do this and offer training and operational services too.

Risk and Safety Plus deliver a high level of training across a whole range of RISK management and occupational SAFETY consultancy.

Also, PLUS business improvement techniques to improve efficiency and effectiveness in a safe  environment.

If you’d like to find out more about how RS+ can take the strain out of running your business click on the following links:

If you want to know more about streamlining your business practices to make a real impact on your efficiency, effectiveness and profits take a look at the Plus Services.