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Under normal circumstances risk assessment only examines the processes in terms of generic risks or specific risks to a particular activity, person or working environment.  When circumstances change the people working in that environment often find that what used to work, doesn’t any more.

In the real world most employees find ‘work-arounds’ or create their own way of doing things – only to get into hot water when their supervisor or manager finds they’re not ‘following the rules’.

Dynamic risk assessment (DRA) adds the underpinning element of risk assessment relating to current circumstances into the equation.

If procedures don’t tally with what operator needs to do to get job done, rules get bent or short-cuts taken.  DRA formalises this into a process that can be substantiated if something goes wrong.

However, this is not a licence to break the rules, but requires three essentials to work effectively.

1.    Commitment from the top management; without their buy-in it won’t work.

2.    Training for staff at every level to allow people to work outside norms safely.

3.    A feedback and debriefing processes needs to be established to allow information flow even though it is not a formal written document.

This system was developed in response to a high profile public disaster where lives could have been saved if the rescue teams had been able to apply this skill.  In your business safety needs to be more than just following the rules, it’s understanding them and being able to make those critical decisions that keep people safe even when the rules don’ work.

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