7 tips to help prevent accidents at work

A safe workplace is something that most employees expect and most employers want to achieve. There is legislation to ensure that employers take the necessary steps to prevent accidents at work and have a safe environment in which to do business. These are some of the basic common sense tips that are a great place to start.

1. Check where the risks exist, what is unsafe right now or what could become unsafe. You need to assess both the activities that people carry out as well as conditions in which they work.

2. Check where people walk to ensure there are no slippery surfaces. Look out for projections or uneven surfaces that may cause trips and falls.

3. In an office environment make sure work stations are comfortable and adjusted to the user. Having the chair and screen at the right height and the keyboard at a comfortable angle as well as regular breaks will help to ensure your staff don’t suffer from bad backs, stiff shoulders and other injuries.

4. Make sure that the workers are competent to do the job; they need the skills, knowledge and to be aware of safe practice.

5. Check that everyone is using the right equipment for the task and that it is maintained and used correctly.

6. Electrical installations and portable electrical appliances should be tested regularly and maintained by competent persons.

7. Manual handling weight restrictions for men and women are guidelines and should be treated as such. Staff should be assessed for personal lifting capability and if they are capable and fit they can lift heavier weights, if they are frail or have health issues the maximum guide may still be too much.
These are just a handful of tips to get you started with preventing accidents in the workplace – keeping your eyes open will ensure you don’t miss an accident waiting to happen.