Our team

Malcolm Tullett – Founding Director & Principal Safety Advisor


Risk and Safety Plus (RS+) Limited Safety was formed in May 2008, following the merger of IRM Safety (founded by Malcolm in 1997) and Risk Interventions. The primary purpose of these companies was and still is, to help all types of organisations become “efficient and effective, in a safe environment”, by integrating occupational safety, health, eco-management and fire (SHEF) compliance into both strategic and operational (tactical) processes. Risk and safety should never be seen as a negative (break) and always as a positive (opportunity) organisational influencer.

In fact, Malcolm comes from a background where risk management is absolutely essential, being one of those people who ran into burning buildings when everyone else was running out so, he knows all about how to take risk(s) safely. “It isn’t about stopping things” explains Malcolm, “it’s about assessing the outcome” so, mention the word ‘conkers’ to him and he is likely to give you a passionate retort about the idiocy of people who just don’t know what risk assessment is about! “How many children have actually been injured playing conkers, in relation to the number who actually play it? The odd grazed knuckle and a bad case of wounded pride is about the worst case”, he says.

Accordingly, Malcolm’s experience as a long serving, senior officer with the London Fire Service, is invaluable when it comes to fire engineering and strategies for Building Control, dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres (DSEA), fire safety management and evacuation plans including PEEPS. Furthermore, RS+’s  fire safety documentation is used, frequently, by the London Fire Service as an exemplar for their own inspectors.

Lesley Dale – Operations Director


Lesley has spent many years in the construction industry, where risk was an every day issue and she too is totally dedicated to ensuring that our clients learn how to manage their risks, without stopping them operating. Her approach is pragmatic and says that “there’s nothing like good old-fashioned common sense; unfortunately most people get carried away with the legislative requirements – or what seem to be requirements.”

Her forthright approach will always ensure that RS+ does not tie our clients up in complicated compliance knots. She will always consider your organisational needs and operational effectiveness and will never intervene prohibitively, unless it’s really serious. If one of the enforcement agencies come knocking, she’ll give you every bit of support you need, with bags of ‘common sense’, so that you don’t waste money on unnecessary fines.

Bianca Sumares – PA to the Directors


Being a PA is not easy and Bianca constantly adapts to how her two bosses operate, as if she was their right arm. She aims to keep ahead of the game and fit into their hectic and ever-changing schedules so that they don’t miss vital information. She is calm and level-headed, with an upbeat “can and will do” attitude that allows her to stay one step ahead.

She is an excellent communicator, which is imperative in her role, as information just cannot be misinterpreted, or it could lead to serious implications for the Company. Above all, she is an excellent organiser, being systematic and conscientious, which allows her to locate vital information quickly and efficiently, when required. When her bosses are away, she regularly makes decisions and pro-actively arranges for a smooth hand-over, upon their return. In fact, she is generally the first point of contact and is prepared to answer every question that is thrown at her.

Sean Molyneaux – HR and Training Advisor

Mike King – Clinical Operations

Mike has been in the medical profession for what he refers to as ‘a short period of time’, but he has actually been a nurse for 45 years with 36 years experience in occupational health, working in a multitude of different industries and business, including heavy industry, pharmaceutical, retail and offshore.

He is a wide range of experience is beneficial in dealing with both employers and employees, to ensure that the workforce is fit for a role, as a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

He is innovative in his approach to occupational health and the way that this is delivered, especially using modern technology in the form of computer software, video consultations and mobile technology.

Having been orthopaedic trained, he has a particular interest in musclo-skeletal injuries and conditions and he also particularly likes to deal with stress and anxiety cases, where he has great success in helping person suffering from these conditions.

He is currently Clinical Operations Director of a  occupational health company. When not working he enjoys theatre visits and playing with his large dogs (a Newfoundland and a Bernese mountain dog).

Doug Holman – Business Strategy Advisor

After qualifying in Applied Physics, Doug worked in the aviation industry for 25 years, much of it focused on flight safety. Since the advent of powered flight, the number of air accidents has maintained a steady downward trend, despite ever-increasing passenger numbers. This is in stark contrast to other sectors, suggesting an opportunity to share examples of aviation “best practice” with a much wider audience.

Few words carry more stigma than that of “failure” yet we know that they all reveal opportunities for improvement. We also recognise the need to learn from the mistakes of others – as we won’t be around long enough to make them all ourselves. The key is to adopt a more positive attitude to failures – treating them as a means of learning how to avoid repetition instead of just attributing blame.

The technique is equivalent to the use of flight simulators by pilots but it also uses digital technology to accelerate the learning process. With on-line business simulations, the consequences of your decisions appear in seconds, instead of the months or even years that it takes in the real world. For decades, the annual business failure rate has been about one in ten. Countless more under-perform. Each time, a combination of known, understood root causes is responsible, often disguised by other contributing factors. The cost of this carnage and waste is mind-boggling – yet all repeat mistakes are potentially avoidable!

Maggie Goodwin – Food Safety Advisor

Patrick Reed – SHEF and Security Advisor (Midlands)


Patrick brings a valued ‘client view ’perspective to the RS+ team having worked as a strategic risk advisor for a highly regarded UK professional association. Coming from a military/law enforcement and healthcare background, Patrick is a highly focused fire, safety and security practitioner who’s professional and working ethos is based on ‘pragmatism with principle’.

Patrick’s approach is always ‘solution based’ and he is firmly committed to putting client interests at the heart of everything. He has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience and will actively seek out proactive solutions, which are not only straight forward but are also workable and simple to implement.

He also has a particular interest in assisting clients to formulate and employ robust disaster recovery and business continuity/contingency planning (BCP) processes and systems.

Patrick lives in Lincolnshire and covers the West Midlands.