Another case of authority persecuting the innocent!

Brighton and Hove Council have hit the media as they are trying to evict a man from the cave where he has been living – for the past 16 years! Their reason? Fire safety is being compromised as there is no alternative fire exit!

This is a typical case of enforcement gone crazy.

• Firstly, the issue has nothing to do with alternative means of exit; it’s to do with the distance needed to travel to ANY exit.

• Secondly, they obviously haven’t done a risk assessment. The guy has been living there for 16 years – what previous instances of fire have there been? Was there a problem? What is the ratio of the level of risk to the likelihood? There are many interrelated aspects to a fire risk assessment; means of exit is just one.

• Thirdly, there are many existing buildings with only one exit – providing the right risk assessment that looks at significant risks has taken place – nobody has been evicted from them as a result.

I suspect that the Council just doesn’t like someone with an alternative lifestyle. Apparently, this is not the first time this chap has been persecuted by the local Council – on all sorts of ridiculous grounds.

Well, as one maverick to another – good on you! I’ll look forward to seeing the progress of this case in the European Court of Human Rights!