Are you at risk of being charged with Corporate Manslaughter?

Getting your risk management sorted out is only part of the equation to protect your directors being charged with Corporate Manslaughter.

It’s not just about ensuring that things don’t go wrong to the point of someone losing their life in the course of their duties, it can be as simple as not having the right insurance.

Let’s take an everyday situation – there are some letters to post and you’ve run out of stamps. One of the administrative staff offers to take the letters, stop at the post office, buy the stamps and get them in the post on the way home. Seems to make sense, doesn’t it?

But has that administrator got his/her car insured for business use? If not, and s/he has an accident that results in someone’s death, his/her insurance won’t cover it – and neither will the organisation’s insurance.

In fact, a good rule of thumb to follow is that if you are paying expenses for business related activities, you should always check that the person is insured to carry them out – or they shouldn’t be paid out. That’s the company’s responsibility.

Not having checked and/or not having the right insurance policies in place can be considered to be gross negligence to the point where a charge of Corporate Manslaughter may be brought.

The additional premium for this is only a few pounds – it’s worth it if it saves the company from damages, the Directors from jail and the company from paying massive expenses if an employee or member of the public dies.