Is the cotton wool culture killing our economy?

01 December, 2010

The education system over the past couple of decades seems to be learning heavily towards sheltering children from all aspects of risk. Unfortunately, as risk is an aspect that occurs in almost every aspect of life – particularly in running a business, this is actively discouraging children from becoming entrepreneurial.

Children are not taught to assess risk; so that they understand it can be avoided, reduced, transferred and/or accepted; they’re simply taught that risk is bad news. Interestingly,

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Are you practising safe risk?

24 November, 2010

I happened to be attending the Money Show recently and I realised that, despite being far from a financial genius, I understood the language everyone was talking. They were talking about one of my favourite subjects – risk!

In the financial markets the aim is to get rewards and the higher the rewards, the bigger the risks. However, traders and experienced investors don’t just keep their fingers crossed and go for it; they have a process – and the more I

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Managing your risks

16 November, 2010

The consultant client relationship is a two-way street and relies on communication, transparency and trust. In the risk and safety industry this is particularly important as getting it wrong puts lives at risk.

The law requires you to have access to a qualified safety advisor. Risk and Safety Plus act as safety advisors for businesses that don’t need a full-time member of staff in this role, offering this as a retained service. However, in order to

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Walking the incapacity benefit tightrope

09 November, 2010

I’m all for stopping people malingering – why should people who work hard to pay their bills support people who are able to work, but choose not to and expect to be paid for doing nothing? The latest government drive to get people back to work through reviewing sick leave and incapacity benefits is, in principle, a good thing, but there are pitfalls.

If doctors are pushed not to sign people off unless it’s essential, there is a danger that

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When the Tories cut deeply enough to put people in hospital

04 November, 2010

Everybody knows that you can’t get a quart out of a pint pot and maybe the Tories need to take that on board. Cuts in government expenditure are good and Sir Philip Green has already discovered lots of potential savings in procurement.

If savings can be made through efficiency, that’s a good thing. However, if you have to cut budgets from schools, the health service, the roads and other essential areas and the infrastructure suffers there will be an

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