You shall go to the ball!

30 June, 2009

Health and safety is the Cinderella of the business environment. It’s often seen as a ‘bolt on’ extra that has nothing to do with risk. However, that’s so far from the truth as to be ridiculous. In fact, that’s one of the reasons we named our company Risk and Safety Plus.

Most entrepreneurs don’t realise that risk equals opportunity. And, of course, opportunities can create profit – often big profits. Let’s take a look at a

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Another case of authority persecuting the innocent!

24 June, 2009

Brighton and Hove Council have hit the media as they are trying to evict a man from the cave where he has been living – for the past 16 years! Their reason? Fire safety is being compromised as there is no alternative fire exit!

This is a typical case of enforcement gone crazy.

• Firstly, the issue has nothing to do with alternative means of exit; it’s to do with the distance needed to travel to ANY exit.

• Secondly, they

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Why don’t accidents improve operations?

17 June, 2009

When there is an accident within an organisation there is usually an accident investigation (and if there isn’t, there should be). So, why is it that the findings from the majority of accident investigations are not fed back into the business improvement processes? According to the statistics only 14% of organisations actively do this; what about the other 86%?

An accident means that something has gone wrong, or an accident would not have happened. If no change takes

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Common sense approach to H&S – too little, too late!

09 June, 2009

Last week the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) launched their new strategy, ‘Be Part of the Solution’ – which is very commendable, but as the Health & Safety at Work Act was established in 1974, isn’t it about 35 years late?

‘Elf and safety’ has been ridiculed for years and radio presenters like Terry Wogan are responsible for creating the popular culture that it’s overdone. People talk about ‘the Nanny State’ and after 35 years of custom and practice, it’s

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Dynamic risk assessment

02 June, 2009

Most organisations understand what risk assessment is, but what is dynamic risk assessment – really?

As a senior fire officer I was involved in the investigation of serious fatalities – including fire fighters. These investigations gave rise to improvement notices issued to the fire service by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The aim was to find a means of preventing reoccurrences of this kind.

The outcomes focused on realistic training and appropriate risk assessments. It was apparent that,

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