What you need to know about working overseas

16 August, 2011

When staff are normally based in the UK, but travel overseas on business or on temporary assignment The Health & Safety at Work etc Act still applies.  Companies should give the same level of protection to staff regardless of where they work.

In relation to long term assignments where members of staff are resident in a foreign country, they are normally be subject to the Health & Safety regulations of the country concerned.  However, companies should not allow their staff to

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Notices that can’t be ignored

02 August, 2011

When you’re in business you are in the firing line for all kinds of legislation – and you have to get it right or your business can suffer badly. In fact, it has been known for businesses to simply cease trading because of something they haven’t done, that they should; or something they have done that they shouldn’t!

Typically, when it comes to health and safety, there are laws that govern what any business has a legal obligation to do and

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Stealth and safety; Highway robbery

27 July, 2011

Last December the HSE announced that they were launching a consultancy ‘service’. This allows them to offer Health and Safety advice to organisations in much the same way as the Health and Safety practitioners that they police.

This makes them not only the enforcers, but also the support for those on the receiving end of enforcement notices. We thought that this was a conflict of interest and said so – and got positive support from the British Safety

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Enforcement notice ‘season’

19 July, 2011

The London Fire Brigade (LFB) have just issued 29 enforcement notices to care homes in London. Whilst vulnerable people in residential properties need to be protected in the case of fire, there are some things that, as professional fire risk assessors, we see a little differently.

The three core breaches of fire safety were cited as ‘fire escape plans, training for staff and signage on fire exits’, but no mention of the means of escape and structural fire protection was made

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Corporate manslaughter – the hot topic

18 July, 2011

What is corporate manslaughter and corporate homicide act 2007 ?

• Voluntary manslaughter – where harm is intended and death occurs as a result of action taken.

• Involuntary manslaughter – where there is no intention to cause harm, but death is caused through gross negligence or recklessness.

• Corporate manslaughter – where there is a gross failing in corporate procedures to take the steps required to protect their employees resulting in death.

Both voluntary and involuntary manslaughter carry the potential for a

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