Britain’s got talent – all strapped in!

Simon Cowell commented in the recent TV reality show, that the pole-dancing acrobat was good entertainment ‘because you risked your life’. She dangled from a 30 foot pole suspended only by, at times, one hand or the muscles in her legs as they gripped the pole to keep her in place. Not a harness or safety net in sight! That’s entertainment – or is it?

In the same series a young drummer took to the air on a platform that not only moved around several feet above the stage, but also tipped towards the audience at a considerable angle. He didn’t fall off – and neither did his drum kit. The kit was obviously bolted down and, during a conversation with the judges, he admitted he was strapped in (although we couldn’t see it and it didn’t affect his performance at all).

On the other hand a young lady who sang Over the Rainbow, started her performance seated on a moon, about six foot off the stage. The moon was static and had a seat attached for her to sit on – but someone had decided that she might fall off, so they also included a seat belt! When the time came for her to step down onto the stage – whilst singing the song – the safety belt got in the way. She struggled to undo it and it spoiled the performance. It wasn’t good entertainment – perhaps that’s why she didn’t make it to the final!

How many 10 year olds do you know who don’t climb walls, into trees, or over gates – without a safety belt? Sometimes – and all too often – safety goes too far!