Completing tenders – and qualifying for contracts

Whilst researching some information to give to our clients to help them to complete compliance questionnaires, I came across an instruction on third party accreditation website. In essence, this suggests that it’s unnecessary to use a professional consultant to help you to complete a tender document – this is true, however, smaller organisations don’t have the expertise in-house to answer some of the questions, even though they do have the expertise to fulfil the contract.

Smaller organisations try to complete the form and then are criticised for submitting incorrect tender documents.

  • Yes, all organisations should have access to competent advice on all aspects of health and safety.
  • No, these do not have to be in-house, and even if they are they may not have the expertise to complete tender documents at the required level.
  • Yes, organisations do need assistance, and they need the right assistance. Many consultants go by the book, overdo the compliance aspect, cost more money than is necessary and are trained to be fuddy-duddy – so are definitely NOT entrepreneurial!
  • The right consultant who sees things from the smaller organisation’s perspective will ensure that organisation complies with everything necessary, whilst keeping costs to the essentials and still enabling the company to submit robust tenders.