Compliance Portal

We as a company have always put our clients at the heart of how we do things. We have adopted a flexible, progressive innovative approach to providing bespoke timely solutions for organisations. We are committed to adding real gain to clients by minimising the pain of remaining compliant in a highly regulated sector. We do the heavy lifting for you.

Seeing the challenges of health and safety through our clients’ eyes and listening to individual concerns we have collaborated to include Safety Management system in our retained service packages.

The Safety Management system portal enables organisations to manage their health and safety responsibilities in a simple and logical manner through a specially developed platform.

So how does the portal benefit our clients?

It provides:

  • a dedicated portal which can be accessed from most devices including mobile devices
  • everything in one place and accessible to team members
  • a reminder system so deadlines are met
  • an assessment generator (risk and COSHH)
  • document storage
  • ready to use policies