Goodbye Sir Tel …

Along with 8 million other listeners it was sad to see Sir Terry Wogan depart from the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show last week. He took great delight in poking fun at the ridiculous activities that people engage in, all in the name of ‘elf and safety. He made me laugh and gave me plenty of ammunition for shooting down some of the more pompous proponents of so-called health and safety ‘rules’.

However, his influence has not disappeared as Johnny Walker and the team went to town on the latest lunacy all attributed to health and safety.

It seems that Market Harborough had booked a couple of reindeer to come along and entertain shoppers on the Friday before Christmas. What a great idea! However, three hours before the event, the District Council decided that the event was too dangerous because of the ‘threat of too much snow’. So it hadn’t actually snowed, but they decided that the danger to people, including young children, was just too high.

As one trader commented ‘Is it beyond the wit of the council to put grit down in the Square?’ It’s not a health and safety issue at all – it’s to do with liability. How will anyone ever learn to walk in snow and slush if they’re never given the opportunity to learn; isn’t that simply common sense?

Maybe common sense isn’t very common as an A&E department appealed for people to take care on Christmas Day. They reported incidents such as:

  • Burnt eyelids from exploding tree lights
  • Nasty bruises from poorly aimed champagne corks
  • Stabbing injuries sustained whilst carving the turkey
  • An eyelid caught in a zip due to an over enthusiastic attempt to try on a new jumper
  • The A&E department in question also requested people not to place presents too far under the tree to avoid people being poked in the eye by a tree branch whilst trying to retrieve them!

    How has the human race survived so long?! Bah! Humbug!
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