Health and safety bureaucracy at work

There is so much legislation relating to health and safety that most businesses feel that every move they make must be recorded – the paper mountain gets bigger every day. Here are some thoughts about keeping the bureaucracy where it belongs.

– A piece of paper has never stopped an accident; keep paperwork to a minimum.

– All documents should be as short as possible and as long as necessary. In other words don’t write for the sake of writing.

– Understand that guidance is not the law, it’s there as a suggestion. Be practical and pragmatic at all times.

– A checklist only tells you what hazards to look for; if a hazard isn’t on the list it may be overlooked.

– Ticking a box doesn’t assess risk. Yes, we have a fire alarm system, but is it right for us, does it work, etc? There’s more to risk assessment than ticking a box.

– Don’t get bogged down in trivia – there’s no need to risk assess staff tea-making!

– Make sure your health and safety advice is not based on paper, but on reality.

Don’t let health and safety bureaucracy hinder your operation; just be sensible!