I knew that was going to happen!

Every one of us has instincts about things not being right. The trouble is that most of us have been taught to ignore them and do what the ‘rules’ say.

As an accident investigator, it’s rare that I don’t come across at least one person who tells me “I knew something was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on what it was.” This is far too common for it to be a coincidence and it’s not just people operating from the clarity of vision created by hindsight!

Most of us have experienced this ‘something’s wrong’ instinct, whether it’s an instinctive feeling of discomfort when you meet someone, a feeling of foreboding when you enter a building or just a ‘feeling in your water’! I’ve come across many people who should have been on public transport right at the centre of where the bombs went off on 7th July 2005, but, for a whole variety of reasons had decided not to go. Many can’t identify why they felt this way, but are very thankful that they did. I wonder how many of those who died had experienced that ‘something is wrong’ feeling, but brushed it off as nonsense.

If your instincts are telling you something is wrong – don’t ignore them. Explore what it is that might be causing it. You could avoid an accident – and you could save others from pain, injury and loss.