J is for journals

There’s a lot of talk about Continuous Professional Development (CPD), especially by the various professional institutes and associations who encourage (sometimes demand) their members to keep up-to-date.

Professional journals are a great source of what’s going on and these are just a few of those in the safety arena that offer a range of information.

• Fire Risk Management – the marriage of Fire Prevention (Fire Protection Association) and the IFE Journal (Institution of Fire Engineers). This offers a mix of technical information with an academic approach, alongside insurance information and case studies from actual fires in business premises.

• Safety and Health Practitioner – issued by IOSH – providing a combination of learned articles, job ads and updates on current legislation and guidance.

• Health and Safety at Work – the official magazine of the International Institute for Risk and Safety Managers, also covering the British Safety Council. You’ll find the content is usually focused on a specific subject in each issue, along with news and updates.

• Health and Safety Matters – produced by the British Safety Industry Federation – is mostly focused on equipment information.

• The Environmentalist – the magazine published by the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA). You’ll find the latest regulations, DEFRA updates, current legislation and case law, as well as business information, processes and systems and information on government schemes, such as the feed in tariffs for self-generated energy, etc.

• First Voice – the magazine for members of the Federation of Small Businesses. Whilst this covers a whole range of business issues, it usually has a very useful section on health and safety issues, including forthcoming legislation.

• People Management – this magazine is published by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and often features lots of useful information on health and safety.
If you want to stay at the leading edge of what’s going on – a regular read through some of these will make a big difference.