Jumping through the health and safety hoop

If you’re in an industry that gets involved with tenders you will almost certainly have to provide evidence of compliance on a range of business issues. Any third party accreditation organisation will demand proof for them to consider your organisation when putting forward tenders – and by then, it’s usually too late to put things in place, if they’re not there already. Even if you are compliant, being able to prove it is not always as easy as it should be.

If you use CHAS, ConstructionLine, Exxor, Safe Contractor, Achilles, etc you could waste a huge amount of time trying to fill in gaps or even fabricate the necessary paperwork to meet the bare requirements. Wouldn’t it be simpler to pre-empt supply chain requirements and just do it anyway, so everything is already in place?

If the audit trail that demonstrates how things are being done is integrated, compliance can be done, almost at a click of a button. The supply chain has become so sophisticated in this competitive marketplace that those who can’t prove their activities are up to scratch will lose opportunities.

With the right approach it’s actually easier to do it for real than just as a paper exercise – and certainly a lot less stressful! There are other benefits too, your organisation will:

  • Operate more efficiently, streamlining processes and integrating things that only need to be done once, instead of several times by different departments.
  • Effectiveness throughout the operation will increase; results will be achieved with less effort, in less time and with less cost.
  • Job satisfaction will improve retention (and costs) as people won’t suffer the frustration of having to keep re-inventing the wheel and be able to deliver good quality outcomes without working extra hours or operating in a stressful environment.
  • Economies of scale will drive costs down.
  • Tenders can be applied for with all the boxes comprehensively ticked without hours (or days) or additional work being required – and a much better quality of information that should put you ahead of the competition.
  • You won’t be caught out by forgetting essential checks and actions that are statutory requirements or good practice.
  • These are just a few of the ways you’ll benefit. There’s much more on our website or start the ball rolling to see where the gaps are with the Health and Safety Accelerator – our gift to you!