Malcolm Tullett Biography

Malcolm Tullett Biography

Malcolm Tullett Biography 260122

Malcolm has enjoyed a highly successful and diverse career, which has included being a senior officer in the Fire Service, magistrate, elected councillor, author and business owner.  Nearly all of these activities have required thoughtful and evolving leadership styles to continually benefit both the organisation and the people who are part of it.

Malcolm is an influential player in the health and safety sector and his first-hand experiences of disasters and tragic events being caused by ‘weak leadership’ and ‘poor communications’ make him the perfect person to comment on thoughtful leadership and much more besides.

Malcolm has written his first and widely acclaimed book, Risk It. How to use your intuition to revolutionise risk takingand is seen as a thought leader in implementing the duty of care with genuine and appropriate care.                   


Malcolm is the author of, Risk It. How to use your intuition to revolutionise risk takingand owner of Risk and Safety Plus.         



  • With power comes responsibilities – thoughtful leadership is a sign of a strong leader
  • Fear and favour have no place in a successful and well-run organisation
  • Duty of care must start from the top and must not be a tick-boxing exercise
  • Most thoughtful leaders in today’s world
  • How bad and good leadership impacts a balance sheet
  • What characteristics do thoughtful leaders have in common
  • Nolan Principles – what happens if they aren’t followed
  • Can you be a politician if you aren’t a thoughtful leader


Malcolm is a recognised authority on all things health and safety and is often as a guest speaker. Please follow the link to access some valuable words of health and safety wisdom!




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