Millionaire mentality

I like to learn so I occasionally shoehorn a workshop or seminar into my busy schedule. They’re not always on risk management or health and safety issues, but always focused on a way to improve me and my business.

Recently I attended James Caan’s Entrepreneurs Business Academy and was fascinated when he said that his success is due to challenging convention. That’s exactly what Risk and Safety Plus does – we don’t ‘do’ H&S but work with risk. Our take is that risk is part of every business and the secret is not to stop people doing things, but to help them to do them in a safer way.

James Caan said that a business that can’t handle its risks can’t handle its business.

Risk is inherent in people; their passion drives them and I was delighted to hear that passion is good practice! In fact, people are surprised how excited we get about the ‘ogre’ of safety!

James Caan wasn’t the only speaker; we were treated to a line up of millionaires who all had specific insights into what success is all about. These are the ‘nuggets’ I got:

Mark Rhodes established that risk is a mindset. The secret of success is to educate your people into that mindset.

Emma Wimhurst said how important it is to have a clear vision and ensure that everything you do is focused on your vision so you don’t get sidetracked.

Steve Clarke was adamant that it was all about attitude and attitude management.

I learned from Penny Power that when people in the organisations care the safety record is notably better – and that’s something I hope my clients understand too.

Gill Fielding’s formula for success was most unusual – she said it’s all about keeping things clean, tidy and creating a pleasant environment. When she was on the Secret Millionaire in a run down area in the East End, the first thing she did was clean the place up. Good health and safety is all about housekeeping and hygiene. Maybe my clients will find that useful as well.

I went to learn to improve myself and my business – however, my learning will be passed on to my clients to help them to be successful too.