Nuts in May

Well actually it was in April, but, in any case, Hurrah for Quentin Letts who made a great case for sanity instead of silliness in health and safety regulations in Panorama on 20 April.

Reading all the associated press and media material leads us to believe that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) issues lots of guidelines, but doesn’t really intend people to take them quite so much to heart. People, apparently, over-interpret the guidance given.

It’s hardly surprising that companies and public services are anxious to comply, when instances of huge fines and even prison sentences relating to non-compliance with health and safety are brandished about.

The public seem to take the opposite stance – too many threats of danger and they begin to seem commonplace. After a while, they can be ‘safely’ ignored as ‘white noise’. It’s a case of ‘cry wolf’ – when there is a real danger, nobody is taking any notice.