Bianca Sumares – PA to the Directors


Being a PA is not easy and Bianca constantly adapts to how her two bosses operate, as if she was their right arm. She aims to keep ahead of the game and fit into their hectic and ever-changing schedules so that they don’t miss vital information. She is calm and level-headed, with an upbeat “can and will do” attitude that allows her to stay one step ahead.

She is an excellent communicator, which is imperative in her role, as information just cannot be misinterpreted, or it could lead to serious implications for the Company. Above all, she is an excellent organiser, being systematic and conscientious, which allows her to locate vital information quickly and efficiently, when required. When her bosses are away, she regularly makes decisions and pro-actively arranges for a smooth hand-over, upon their return. In fact, she is generally the first point of contact and is prepared to answer every question that is thrown at her.