Malcolm Tullett – Founding Director & Principal Safety Advisor


Risk and Safety Plus (RS+) Limited Safety was formed in May 2008, following the merger of IRM Safety (founded by Malcolm in 1997) and Risk Interventions. The primary purpose of these companies was and still is, to help all types of organisations become “efficient and effective, in a safe environment”, by integrating occupational safety, health, eco-management and fire (SHEF) compliance into both strategic and operational (tactical) processes. Risk and safety should never be seen as a negative (break) and always as a positive (opportunity) organisational influencer.

In fact, Malcolm comes from a background where risk management is absolutely essential, being one of those people who ran into burning buildings when everyone else was running out so, he knows all about how to take risk(s) safely. “It isn’t about stopping things” explains Malcolm, “it’s about assessing the outcome” so, mention the word ‘conkers’ to him and he is likely to give you a passionate retort about the idiocy of people who just don’t know what risk assessment is about! “How many children have actually been injured playing conkers, in relation to the number who actually play it? The odd grazed knuckle and a bad case of wounded pride is about the worst case”, he says.

Accordingly, Malcolm’s experience as a long serving, senior officer with the London Fire Service, is invaluable when it comes to fire engineering and strategies for Building Control, dangerous substances and explosive atmospheres (DSEA), fire safety management and evacuation plans including PEEPS. Furthermore, RS+’s  fire safety documentation is used, frequently, by the London Fire Service as an exemplar for their own inspectors.