Mike King – Clinical Operations

Mike has been in the medical profession for what he refers to as ‘a short period of time’, but he has actually been a nurse for 45 years with 36 years experience in occupational health, working in a multitude of different industries and business, including heavy industry, pharmaceutical, retail and offshore.

He is a wide range of experience is beneficial in dealing with both employers and employees, to ensure that the workforce is fit for a role, as a healthy workforce is a productive workforce.

He is innovative in his approach to occupational health and the way that this is delivered, especially using modern technology in the form of computer software, video consultations and mobile technology.

Having been orthopaedic trained, he has a particular interest in musclo-skeletal injuries and conditions and he also particularly likes to deal with stress and anxiety cases, where he has great success in helping person suffering from these conditions.

He is currently Clinical Operations Director of a  occupational health company. When not working he enjoys theatre visits and playing with his large dogs (a Newfoundland and a Bernese mountain dog).