Risk = Reward – are you getting yours?

Risk is a business issue and no organisation can operate without considering risks to their organisation. However, for every risk there is an opportunity, as every cloud has a silver lining. When you’re faced with a risk, you can almost always turn it around.

Risk management is about examining the balanced scorecard – finance, operations, people and sales and marketing (brand reputation), as well as understanding what constitute generic occupational risks to your organisation.

Risk is usually perceived as negative, but doesn’t have to be. It’s all in the attitude and approach of the person who is examining the risk. Instead of taking a stance of ‘we must cover our backs’, wouldn’t it be much better for your organisation to try to see how to turn adversity to advantage?

• Instead of complaining about the downturn in the economy – examine how your organisation could use that for benefit. For instance, when nobody is investing a financial advisor offers advice on debt management instead.

• If a production process fails, it’s an opportunity to improve the system and increase efficiency as well as effectiveness.

• When a member of staff is struggling to perform in their current role, instead of firing them, find out what they’re good at and utilise those skills.

• What happens when your sales people oversell? Are customers disappointed at the delay or does it trigger a restructure of the production/sales integration to maximise sales potential?

If your organisation receives an improvement notice from the HSE or enforcing body – instead of panicking and complaining, see it as an opportunity to leap forwards.
Embrace it, put it right – once you’ve done so you can use that information to demonstrate to potential clients that you are action focused, go the extra mile in getting a result and are probably now better than most of your competitors!

Although Risk and Safety Plus can do all this for you – you can actually do it yourself and, if you start looking at risk in a positive way, the ability to see opportunities will embed itself in the way you do business. It’s all about attitude.