To get you started, please download (free of charge) our simple defensibility health check, which is a high-level ‘snapshot’ of the standard of strategic risk management compliance within your organisation.

The next step is a Compliance (i.e. gap) Review, which is a more in-depth, systematic, fact-find that looks at the potential ‘significant’ risks, within your organisation (see below). We normally undertake this for our ‘retained’ clients, at their primary location, as an inclusive ‘mandatory’ part of their ‘annual’ support contract.

In addition, if you are interested in taking advantage of this valuable service, as an ad-hoc client, although chargeable, the full cost will be written-off against any subsequent instruction to enter into a ‘retained’ RS+ support services contract.

Once all of the ‘significant’ risks have been identified and considered, a ‘suitable and sufficient’ policy and procedures document will normally need to be developed and ‘appropriate’ management system(s) established, to ensure that the policy requirements are ‘effectively’ implemented. Invariably, the primary tool will be the risk assessment and these are normally referenced in the organisation’s risk register.

Thereafter, it is always good practice to ensure that management systems are continuously improved and our operational/process improvement services are aimed at both streamlining the risk management processes and further facilitating the delivery of “efficiency and effectiveness, in a safe environment”, so that risk is seen as a positive opportunity and not just a cost centre.

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