Being ‘environmentally friendly’ is simply about having an awareness of the environmental implications of your work activities and ensuring, where possible, that these do not adversely affect the immediate or wider surroundings, or the productivity of your staff and operations, for instance:


    Pollution issues (i.e. to land, water or air) can stop you operating, lead to prosecution and subsequent remedial costs, not to mention damage to your reputation.


    Mishandling of hazardous / dangerous polluting materials can result in rejected insurance claims, not to mention the safety and health risks to the handlers and those nearby.


    Health-related issues, arising from a poor working environment, can cost you money in lost staff time and possible compensation claims.

However, the RS+ team are more focused on what you can do, rather than what you can’t and being ‘environmentally friendly’ does not need to be difficult. With RS+ expertise and understanding, you will receive the pragmatic and practical advice you need to:

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