For most organisations, the absolute minimum requirement is a “suitable and sufficient” fire risk assessment (FRA), carried out by a “competent person”. It is important to understand, too, that fire safety is a specialised area of expertise and general safety practitioners are often not qualified to carry out anything more than a very basic, low-risk,FRA.

However, the RS+ team are all fully qualified, including up to Fire Engineer level, with hands-on experience, acquired over many years of dealing with the effects of fire and its prevention. You will, therefore, receive all the pragmatic and practical advice you need to:

  •   Identify the ‘significant’ fire hazards and undertake a fire risk assessment.
  •   Plan your policy and procedures.
  •   Develop and implement effective management systems.
  •   Assist in the design of new and innovative fire-safe workplaces.
  •   Investigate the cause of a fire.

Nobody wants a fire to happen and the vast majority of us go through life thinking it won’t happen to us but if and when it does, it is one of the most devastating of all of the ‘general’ risks.
By not taking the right “preventative and protective” measures, at the earliest possible opportunity, both the likelihood and effect of this truly dreadful experience will increase, significantly.

You will probably know that the legislation and guidance is there for a good reason and has been continuously developed ever since the Great Fire of London, in 1666. Unless you are a fire safety expert yourself, you will probably be completely overwhelmed by the sheer quantity and level of technical detail involved. No need to worry though, as you will find that working with the RS+ team of highly pragmatic experts will provide you with a clear and structured approach to fire safety, even when it is required at the highest level of good practice (e.g. BS 9999).

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