Operational management systems

The RS+ team will help you” establish, implement and / or improve the necessary management activities (e.g. operational, financial, people, reputational etc.), by following a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle and based on the organisational strategies, as follows:

  •   Policy and procedures
  •   Leadership and people management
  •   Processes development
    •   Design and build
    •   Control
    •   Deploy
  •   Failure response (e.g. contingency planning and disaster recovery)

In addition, the RS+ team also provides the following specific activities, either as stand-alone services, or as part of a ‘retained’ support services package:

  •   Conception and design stage advice, including technical intervention and engineered solutions (e.g. computer modelling and virtual reality etc.) for issues or problems that cannot be controlled by conventional means.
  •   Strategic compliance reviews, including the provision of fire safety strategy documents, for building control and / or asset protection purposes (e.g. ICT equipment rooms, valuable archives, precious artefacts etc.).
  •   Policy and procedures development.
  •   Risk assessment (including fire risk assessment), to identify and evaluate the significant hazards, recommend appropriate controls and document the significant findings, particularly where a higher level of technical expertise is required, than is available to the Client, in-house.
  •   Training needs analysis / skills matrix and delivery.
  •   Liaison and mediation, with external agencies (e.g. insurers, building inspectors etc.) and enforcement bodies (e.g. Police, HSE, Fire Authority, Environment Agency), by RS+ on behalf of the Client, often assists with operational performance and / or prevents litigation and / or prosecution.
  •   Response to enforcement action, as an intermediary, to either assist in developing a cohesive agreed set of protocols or to assist in fighting unfair enforcement.
  •   Project Management, to provide independent input where close cooperation is required between various parties, such as builders and installers of specialist equipment. RS+ can also act as Principal Designer (PD), on behalf of the Client, when involved with construction / refurbishment projects.
  •   Site inspections, including of vacant premises, to ensure that the Client’s interests are protected, in terms of operational SHEF practices.
  •   Surveys, to provide a more detailed or technical evaluation of vital operations and facilities (e.g. signage, lighting, noise, fire equipment, etc.).
  •   Audits, to subject safety critical systems to in-depth critical analysis, against pre-determined standards.
  •   Accident and incident (including fire) investigation, where management systems have failed and in order to prevent a reoccurrence and / or improve the
  •   Operational / process improvement, to facilitate “efficiency and effectiveness in a safe environment”.
  •   Expert witness support, where legal action is being taken, as a result of statutory enforcement or a claim for compensation, arising out of personal injury or damage.

As your organisation grows, there are more and more things that need to be managed, such as quality, safety, health, environmental and fire (SHEF), security, training, people etc., and they can all have their own separate management systems. The problem is that, with all these individual management systems, running alongside each other, they produce duplicated and sometimes even different outcomes from what are, effectively, the same processes.

An integrated management system (IMS) brings together all of your individual management systems and processes, under a single heading, with unified objectives, which prevents silo working and / or conflict. A typical IMS, in relation to risk management, might incorporate all / any of the following internationally accredited ISO management systems:

  •   9000 : Quality
  •   14000 : Environmental
  •   45000 : Occupational Safety and Health (replacing BS OSHAS 18001)
  •   TC 92 : Fire (via BS PAS 7, 79 and BS9999)
  •   16000 : Security
  •   27000 : Information Security
  •   22000 : Food Safety
  •   28000 : Supply Chain
  •   31000 : Risk
  •   22300 : Business Continuity

The added advantage is that gaining formal accreditation, for one or more of the functions, is equally simple and of more importance, everything is in one place, which removes duplication while delivering “efficiency and effectiveness, in a safe environment”.
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