Organisational integrity is a vital asset that, once damaged, is almost impossible to restore fully so, it is important to identify, evaluate and mitigate potential threats, such as:

  •   Terrorism and violent extremism
  •   Corrupt practices and kidnapping
  •   Dishonest or illegal practices, by commercial partners and competitors
  •   Theft, dishonesty, or fraud, by employees
  •   Trespassing and criminal damage, by unauthorised visitors

The cost of integrity damage can be very high, in terms of financial penalties; organisational failure and even the cost of lost opportunities are very real, not to mention the substantial time and effort that can be wasted dealing with problems that could have been prevented, by effective due diligence and a in-built resilience.

The security and investigation RS+ team has substantial hands-on experience, acquired over many years of managing and conducting complex investigations. You will, therefore, receive all the pragmatic and practical advice you need to:

  •   Analyse the threats
  •   Plan the management system or investigation
  •   Gather the evidence, including interviewing witnesses
  •   Ensure robust case management
  •   Liaise with the regulatory and law enforcement bodies

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