Landlord gets huge fine for putting lives at risk

At the beginning of July Mohammed Javaid was found guilty of playing a risky game with his tenants’ lives. Of the 16 flats he owned six were considered to be uninhabitable due to the condition.

Mr Javaid chose to ignore the prohibition notice and not only allowed the tenants to remain, but moved additional people into empty flats and took absolutely no action to rectify the hazards.

These hazards included live electric cables right next to where people walked, no working lights in one basement area, missing fire alarms – which looked as though they had been removed leaving exposed cables dangling from the ceiling, missing fire doors and a lethal electric wiring system.

No fire risk assessment had been carried out, a proper alarm system was not in existence and the Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority were appalled at the state of the various premises.

Javaid pleaded guilty to 20 offences and Manchester Magistrates Court fined him £33,750 plus £8.5 thousand in costs. Probably, most of the work needed would have cost less.

This is exactly the kind of case that the authorities need to be chasing – and why we insist that our clients have risk assessments and fire risk assessments carried out regularly.

Thank goodness that action was taken before lives were lost.