6 tips on Fire safety

Fire is a killer and nobody wants to think about being in a building where a fire breaks out. However, it’s virtually impossible to eradicate fire risk, the secret is to be able to control the fire if it happens. Here are six steps to creating the best possible protection from fire risk.

1. Ensure your fire risk assessor has appropriate experience as well as the relevant qualification – passing an exam is no substitute for knowing what you’re looking at!

2. Look at the people likely to be affected by fire safety arrangements e.g. public, visitors, disabled, etc – and consider how they will act and react in case of fire.

3. Understand the main causes of fire and assess your workplace to each for them. e.g. electricity, arson, cooking, hazardous substances, etc.

4. The simplest way to prevent a fire is to keep anything that will burn away from anything that will ignite it. Obvious, but not always considered.

5. In the event of a fire there must be systems for warning, means of escape and contingency plans that cover the ‘what ifs’.

6. Fire safety management is to prevent it, detect it, contain it, suppress it, investigate it, mitigate the outcomes and educate all the relevant people in all aspects of these processes.

Keep yourself and your employees’ safe – and don’t take the risks you don’t need to.