Are you ignoring your intuition?

Intuition is far from a joke, we all have it – not just women, according to popular myth! The problem is many of us ignore it and, when it comes to dangerous situations, that can put us at risk.

Intuition is your natural ability to protect yourself and those close to you. You have those natural instincts to protect your family – how many of us fling out an arm to protect our passenger when we have to brake suddenly? We don’t even think about it. When there are problems at home, some part of your consciousness is aware of how things are going when you’re at work and you’ll probably phone to check things are OK.

When the hairs on the back of your neck go up when you walk into a room – your body is trying to tell you something. But most people ignore these signals – they’ve been educated that this is ‘silly’ and keep walking; often right into a dangerous situation. People who ignore their instincts are often the victims of accidents – and, when I’ve been involved in accident investigation, there is almost always someone who says “I had a funny feeling that something was going to happen.”

The environment at work is one where people are encouraged to ‘follow the rules’ – even when their instincts are telling them otherwise. The care that we practise at home with our family is trained out at work – most people don’t demonstrate the same level of subconscious awareness to keep their colleagues out of danger.

Over protection by the ‘rules’ leaves people unable to make decisions in dangerous situations. Ignoring instincts and intuitive responses can result in injury.

When was the last time you followed your intuition?