The risk of keeping clients

The consultant client relationship is a two-way street and relies on communication, transparency and trust. In the risk and safety industry this is particularly important as getting it wrong puts lives at risk. The law requires all business with more than five employees to have access to a qualified safety advisor and one of the services we supply is to be retained as safety advisors for businesses that don’t need a full-time member of staff in this role. However, in order to do our job properly we need to find out what the risks actually are.

Some clients see our services in a different light; we’re their ‘insurance policy’ to fall back on if the enforcement agencies come to call. We put our heads on their chopping blocks!

Whilst we carry professional indemnity as consultants, if we can’t get in to ensure we know what we’re dealing with so we know what our liability is, we’re taking unacceptable risks. Sometimes the risk is too high!