The swines are out to get you!

You’d have to have been a recluse not to notice all the hullaballoo going on about swine flu. Pandemic? I’m not sure, but there’s plenty of panic and pandemonium!

The latest silliness is the Government – who seem to be operating in a situation where the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. Their various pronouncements about what pregnant women should do, shouldn’t do – well maybe they should, but they don’t have to – defies the common sense that they’re suggesting we use!

This is a mild flu – unless you have other health issues. The human body is designed to fight off disease and exposure to the germs should, in most cases, simply improve the immune system in relation to this particular variant. My son has had it and spent two days aching and being grumpy and then was right back to normal.

The government and press have treated this out of all proportion to its severity. It’s interesting that the figures for people who die from normal influenza each year have been notably absent from most reports – although in Mexico, where it’s supposed to have started, the mortality rate is lower this year than it has been previously.

If we hadn’t been told there was a ‘pandemic’ I suspect nobody would have noticed, other than a few mild cases of flu.

Is this a government plot to keep the pharmaceutical companies in business during a recession?

When we had Bird flu – vaccines were geared up to cope; then there was SARS – and vaccines were geared up to deal with it – now it’s Swine flu – and the Pharmaceutical companies are falling over themselves to provide the ‘desperately needed’ vaccine.

If people were more considerate of others and didn’t simply cough, sneeze and splutter all over people a pandemic would be much less likely. Germs are spread wherever we go. We get sore throats, colds and flu – it’s a natural occurrence.

Unless the men from Mars have already landed and we’re getting germs that are brand new – and that’s a whole other story!

Footnote: People just don’t care any more – read this about disrespect.