The key to getting things right is for you to simply help your people learn how to do something, tell them what they should or should not do and provide them with the ‘relevant’ information they need to operate “efficiently and effectively, in a safe environment”.

Training is not just about formal ‘classroom’ courses, although RS+ provides a whole range of face-to-face training services and self-service products, for a ‘blended learning’ experience, that helps you to:

  •    ensure that your people are safe;
  •    develop a positive risk culture;
  •    meet your statutory responsibilities

Effective training will also contribute towards the ‘competence’ of your workforce, as a whole, helping you to avoid incidents that cause harm and distress, especially where insurance might not cover the financial costs of operational failure (e.g. management investigations, lost production, demotivated staff and potentially, worse of all, reputational damage).

As your organisation grows and develops, your staff will need to expand their knowledge and skill base to meet the changing needs of today’s world. The RS+ team have the expertise to provide the training you need, tailored to your organisation and focused on your specific situation.

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