Health & Safety Training

All the courses shown below are held within a classroom with a certified tutor. If this isn’t for you then please look at our online training.


Course Title Duration Overview Max Delegates
Access Equipment (Safe Use) Half-day A course for all operatives / staff likely to use access equipment (e.g. construction site workers) to examine the health hazards associated with the use of access equipment and to explore methods of minimising the risks. 8
Access Equipment (Ladder Safety) Half-day A course intended for all operatives within the Construction Industry who use ladders as a form of Access Equipment or temporary work places. The aim of the course is to increase participant’s awareness of relevant legislation and best practice for assessing whether or not the use of ladders is an acceptable safe system of work. 8
Accident and Incident Investigation (A&II) One-day (short) & Three-day (long) The short course is intended for managers and supervisors who are required to undertake a preliminary investigation of workplace accidents, or to be a supporting member of an A&II Team

The longer course is intended for ‘Competent’ Safety Advisors or Managers who are required to undertake complex and / or detailed A&II and / or head up an A&II Team.




Accident Reporting & Understanding of Near Miss reporting Half-day This course is intended for all management, and operatives, to give an understanding of what is required of accident and near miss reporting and the benefits to reduction in accidents and improved business bottom line. 12
Asbestos Management Half-day The course is intended for Employers, Building Managers and owners, Safety Officers, Architects and Designers. It provides detailed information and guidance about the introduction of the new duty to manage asbestos into The Control of Asbestos at Regulations. 12
Asbestos Awareness Half-day The course is intended for Senior Managers, Building Manager and Employees. It gives detailed information and guidance, on asbestos, recognising potential asbestos, where it can be found and how to manage asbestos under The Control of Asbestos Regulations. 12
Behavioural Safety Half-day Introducing Behavioural Safety, to Senior, Managers and Employees – showing what a safe, culture really looks like – taking away the documentation, and explaining safety at core level. 12
Construction (Design and Management) (CDM) Half-day An overview of all roles and their responsibilities under the CDM regulations. Understanding the expectations of the HSE, what is notifiable, what is not – what does and does not come under the regulations. 12
Confined Spaces Operations (Awareness only) Half-day A half-day course suited to personnel who design and manage operations in confined spaces, to enable the identification and implementation of safe systems of work. 12
Consultation (safety representatives and safety committees)
Disability access and egress
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Half-day A course for users of display screen equipment to examine the health hazards associated with the use of such equipment and to explore methods of minimising the risks. 12
Driving and workplace transport
Drugs and alcohol
Electrical safety (awareness only)
Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Half-day Using Fall Arrest and / or Fall Protection and how to decide what you need. 12
First Aid (Emergency First Aid at Work) One-day A practical course for selected staff that are expected to provide emergency First Aid in the workplace or when remotely in small groups or where a specific hazard exists. 12
First Aid (First Aid at Work) Three-day To provide the skills and knowledge to administer first aid in the work place. 12
First Aid (Refresher) Two-day There are no formal pre-requisites for this course, however, it is designed for those who either hold a full First Aid at Work Certificate or an Emergency First Aid at Work Certificate, although the course is suitable for anyone looking to refresh their first aid knowledge. 12
First Aid QA Level 3 Award in Paediatric First Aid (QCF) Two-day This qualification meets Ofsted’s first aid requirements for early years teachers, nursery workers and child-minders. No prior First Aid knowledge is required. 12
First Aid (Oxygen Administration) Half-day A course for first aiders responsible for administering oxygen, during resuscitation, or otherwise. 12
Hazardous Substances (Assessment) Half-day A course to develop the skills required in the completion of hazardous substance assessments, to evaluate the success of the more common assessment models used and to consider alternative approaches. 12
Hazardous Substances (Safe Handling) One-day A course designed for all those responsible for implementing the requirements of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations. Must have completed Assessment course. 12
Health and Safety Awareness (General) One-day A course for all operatives / staff to ensure the safety of themselves and others and enable them and their employer(s) to satisfy relevant health and safety legislation. This is also an ideal induction course for new or recently appointed operatives / staff. 12
Health and Safety Management (IOSH Managing Safely) Four-day(standard) A course for staff involved in the management of health and safety at work. Such people include newly appointed safety officers without previous experience; managers and supervisors with part-time responsibility for health and safety and safety representatives. Additional study material can be supplied at additional cost and participants will receive an IOSH certificate.

Note: A three-day (intensive) variant (i.e. 6 hrs during the day, plus and additional 1.5hrs in the evening) can also be provided, on request.

Health and Safety Corporate Management (IOSH Safety for Senior Executives) One-day A course to provide an appreciation of problems and costs associated with accidents at work and to provide a better understanding of decision maker’s statutory duties and responsibilities under Health and Safety legislation. Additional study material can be supplied at an additional cost and participants will receive an IOSH certificate. 12
Health and Safety Awareness (small and medium size builders) One-day A course designed to give operatives working within the construction industry a basic health and safety knowledge. It is further intended to support he Construction Skills Certificate Scheme. The aim of the training is to ensure operatives have a basic knowledge of Health and safety and can work on site without being a risk to themselves or others who may be affected by the acts or omissions. 12
Health and Safety Awareness (Induction)
Health and Safety Awareness (Office Safety) Half-day A course designed to identify the risks to health and safety within an office environment and how these risks can be effectively managed. 12
Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment (LOLER) awareness
Manual Handling Operations (Safe Handling) Half-day A course for all operatives / staff who are involved in manual handling activities in the workplace. 8
Manual Handling Operations (Assessment) Half-day A course for supervisors and managers of operatives who are involved in manual handling activities in the workplace. Must have completed safe handling course. 12
Noise Half-day A course that provides an insight into the nature of noise and the risks associated with short / medium / long term of exposure. This is an essential training session for everyone exposed to noise at work and those who need to control the risks. 12
Pressure systems and compressed gases
Radiation (ionising and non-ionising)
Risk Assessment (general) One-day A course to examine risk management and risk assessment and to explore methods of implementation, which will ensure compliance with EC Framework Directive and national regulations. 12
Radiation (ionising and non-ionising) 12
Risk Assessment (dynamic) Half-day This course is intended, as an overview and discussion forum, for those who routinely and regular undertake generic and specific assessments and / or Senior / Principal managers who need to understand the benefits of adopting DRA, as part of behavioural safety improvements. 12
Slips, trips and falls (STF)
Vibration (Hand, Arm and Whole Body) One-day A course designed to assist workers exposed to vibration to understand the risks associated with short / medium / long term effects of vibration. This course places emphasis on key measures which can be adopted to control the risks associated with human exposure to vibration. 12
Violence and bullying
Vulnerable (e.g. young, old, disabled, pregnant etc.) workers
Working at height (including roof work)  One-day
At the end of the training session they should have a good awareness of the hazards encountered and recommended control measures to reduce the risk in:

   General Work at Height

   Working on Roofs

   Working on Fragile Roofs

   Working on Sloping Roofs

   Working on Mobile Tower Scaffolds

   Working with Ladders

Safety Harness Training One-day To provide the attendee with sufficient knowledge to enable them to select, use and maintain appropriate personal protective equipment for working at heights.

The following will be included:

Who requires us to wear PPE
Types of PPE and European Standards of manufacture and testing
Selection and Use
Preparing and wearing a harness

Checking equipment for defects

The importance of a Rescue Plan

Workplace safety