You’ve got to be joking!

The Neighbourhood Watch scheme was set up to help people to be safe in their homes. However, when one member of the Neighbourhood Watch, tried to use the NW sticker to deter anti-social behaviour in the block of flats where he lived, Thurrock Council removed it.

After several stickers in the entrance hall of the block of flats being removed, Kevin Coombes received a letter. It appears that the sticker is a fire hazard!

As the flammable part of the sticker is the glue itself, which is not in contact with air so there’s no likelihood of it catching light until the plastic has gone. The worst that is likely to happen is that you’d just end up with a dirty mess on the window!

If an arsonist is trying to create a major conflagration they’d just throw a can of petrol over it all anyway. A whole windowful of stickers won’t catch light, no matter how hard you try (and it’s more likely you’ll just end up with burnt fingers trying)!

Nowhere in legislation are you required to assess trivia, this is the ultimate in trivia. Don’t the local councils have better things to spend our money on?